Contact Details

For general enquiries, please phone the Facilities Helpdesk on 01904 325555 or email

Directors & Heads of Service


NameJob TitleTelephoneEmail
Stephen Talboys Director of Estates and Campus Services 01904 322004
Liz Gatheral Director of Estates Development 01904 322179
Dean Spears Director of Campus Services 01904 322426
Kevin Whelan Director of Estates Operations 01904 324106
Alastair Reekie Head of Space and Accommodation 01904 323986
Jill Taylor Head of Facilities Services 01904 328422
John Maddison Deputy Head of Facilities Services 01904 324192
Lyndon Taylor Head of Administration & Information 01904 322079
Paul Bushnell Head of Asset Management 01904 322172
Andy Durrant Head of Estates Operations & Maintenance 01904 328445
Richard Walker Head of Policy & Assurance 01904 322190
Luan Anderson Head of Project Management 01904 324377

Maintenance Managers and Cleaning Managers

The campus has been split into four different zones (PDF , 1,836kb)‌. 

The main buildings in each zone:

  • North Side - Alcuin College, Derwent College, Chemistry, Careers.
  • South Side - Halifax College, James College, Sports Centre, Physics and Electronics, Heslington Hall, The Stables, Main Street properties, Walled Garden, Eden's Court.
  • East Side - Campus East, Constantine College, Goodricke College, Langwith College, York Science Park, King's Manor.
  • West Side - Wentworth College, Vanbrugh College, Fairfax House, Eric Milner-White buildings, Central Hall, 65 Fulford Road.

Maintenance Managers undertake management of planned preventative maintenance and reactive maintenance operations. 

The Cleaning Services team has responsibility for all aspects of residential and non-residential cleaning across the University.


 Job Title


Phone Number

Email address

North Maintenance Manager Vacant 01904 328440
  Cleaning Manager Samantha Goudge 01904 323404
South Maintenance Manager Ian Harrington 01904 328402
  Cleaning Manager Debbie Carter 01904 324807
East Maintenance Manager Mick Willsher 01904 328441
  Cleaning Manager Peter Melrose 01904 324508
West Maintenance Manager Des Huby 01904 328483
  Cleaning Manager Julie Bell 01904 323017
Central Grounds Maintenance Manager Gordon Eastham 01904 322186
  Rapid Response Manager Ken Anderson  01904 328452

Reception Services 

University Receptionists deliver effective front desk customer services to staff, students and visitors, providing a reception, portering, mail and security service to users of the University's premises. The University Receptionists report to the Reception Services Managers. 


Job Title

Phone Number

Email address

Steve Waud

Interim Head of Reception Services

01904 324658
Dave Thompson

Assistant Head of Reception Services

01904 322466
James Kennedy

Reception Services Manager

01904 323848

Section Contact Pages

Please see the following pages for a more detailed contact listing for each section