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The York Sanctuary Fund

117.2 million people

will be forcibly displaced or stateless in 2023

27.1 million

refugees are under 18

Only 6% of refugees globally

have access to higher education

University of Sanctuary

The University of York believes that everyone should have the opportunity to access the education they need to realise their true potential. 

Today only 6% of refugees have access to higher education compared to 40% of people globally. This is not a reflection of their talent or passion but the lack of opportunities and funds available to them. Sanctuary and safety should not come at the expense of your future prospects, but currently it does.

The need to help students and academics displaced by conflict has never been greater, but together, with your support, we can make a difference. Without emergency appeals, we are limited by the resources we have at any given time. The York Sanctuary Fund is our practical response to this challenge.

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How is the York Sanctuary fund making a difference?

We need your support to ensure a realistic package of support to those seeking sanctuary, taking into consideration the multiple challenges they face, the unpredictable nature of the global issues impacting them and the increasing demand.

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Nazia is sat down and central hall is in the background

“When the Taliban took over their main target was women. Every day they would announce new decrees that would restrict women’s rights, the right to work, the right to education, the right to express themselves in public life. Leaving my home was the only option left for me. Without the support of the International Team and the Equal Access Scholarship, I wouldn’t have been able to come to York and pursue my dream.” - Nazia, LLM International Human Rights Law

Like Nazia, many students who have been forced to flee their homes know that an education is vital to securing a better future.

This has never been more important than right now. We have been closely monitoring the humanitarian crises in Ukraine and Afghanistan, and support has been provided to help students and academics like Nazia directly at risk. 

Being a University of Sanctuary means thinking about how we can support students from asylum seeking or refugee backgrounds, how we can offer opportunities for the development of human rights defenders from around the world, and how we can support academics who have had to leave their home country. 

Professor Charlie Jeffrey, Vice-Chancellor and President

How can I support the York Sanctuary Fund?

You can choose to support the York Sanctuary Fund which means that your support will go where the need is greatest.

Together, we will enable more York students, at-risk academics and Human Rights Activist’s the chance to thrive and to re-start a new phase in their lives, whatever their reasons for joining us. 

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If you would like more information about the York Sanctuary Fund and how you can support our scholars, please contact Kalli Keramari, Philanthropy Manager at or for general enquiries please email us at