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Celebrating a Century of Friendship: University of York Hosts Alumni Event in New York

Posted on 10 May 2024

In a grand celebration marking 100 years of enduring friendship between York and New York, the University of York hosted a special alumni reception at the prestigious Yale Club in New York City on Friday, May 3rd.

One shot depicts people sat in formal attire at the New York service, others standing at the alumni reception, and the plaque of friendship between York and New York

The event served as a reminder of the deep bonds between the two cities, bringing together esteemed alumni, friends of the University, honorary graduates, and members of the University of York in America board. The board, operating as a non-profit organisation, supports educational opportunities and enhances the quality of research at the University.

Vice-Chancellor Charlie Jeffery delivered inspiring words championing the University’s mission for public good, and to become the University of Opportunity: where there are no gaps to access, success, award and progression for any student regardless of their circumstance.

Moreover, the event provided a platform to reflect on the unique essence of the York community and to celebrate the role of philanthropy in driving forward research, education, and knowledge for public good.

The festivities were part of a weekend-long celebration commemorating a century of friendship between the two cities. 100 years ago, delegates from New York journeyed to York, presenting its citizens with a tablet symbolising the enduring spirit of friendship. 

Continuing the commemoration on Sunday May 5th, a new ledger stone crafted by York Minster stonemason Richard Bossons, was unveiled at Saint Thomas Church in New York during a special service of Choral Evensong. Distinguished delegates from the University and York, including the Archbishop of York, the Dean of York, and the British Consul to York, were in attendance. Adding to the significance of the occasion, a special message from King Charles III was delivered. You can watch the proceedings, including the Archbishop's speech (1hr:26), here.

Reflecting on the weekend, Sarah Parkins, an alumna and entrepreneur, shared her sentiments on social media:

"As a graduate of the University of York, I've lived and worked in York, and now, residing in New York City, both places hold a deeply cherished spot in my heart... the evolving and strengthening relationship between the University of York, the City of York, and New York is incredibly promising."

The alumni event not only celebrated a century of friendship but also underscored the legacy of collaboration and shared values between York and New York, fostering a promising future. 

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