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Evan Davis hosts webinar on IntoUniversity and The Place learning centres

Posted on 25 January 2024

The BBC's Evan Davis chaired our online webinar discussing two pioneering initiatives the University is involved in: The Place and IntoUniversity, which aim to close the gaps in educational attainment for young people in our region.

On the 10th January OPPA hosted a compelling webinar with TV presenter and journalist Evan Davis, spotlighting IntoUniversity Centres and The Place: new community-embedded learning centres aimed at driving educational attainment for young people in the region.

As research from the University of York and the Child of the North shows, children living in the North of England are among the most vulnerable to rising living costs in the UK. The creation of the IntoUniversity centres and The Place comes after rigorous analysis of the places most in need.

Chaired by Evan Davis, speakers included:

Professor Charlie Jeffery closed the discussion with a powerful remark: "It is brilliant to be working with Into, our communities and other universities on these projects. It just shows what can be possible if you combine forces for change. We want this not just to be here for 5 years, but for 20 or so, where it will really have that transformative effect."

"We want these young people to have the choice to go to university. The choice, and they don't currently have that kids from more advantaged backgrounds do."

OPPA is raising further funds for further centres in Bridlington and Grimsby; these centres are in urgent need of support if we are to open these centres later this year.

A full recording of the webinar and the topics discussed can be found here.

If you are interested in finding out more about how you can help us to help more young people in our region to achieve their aspirations, please do get in touch with