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Learning to Live Sustainably

Posted on 12 August 2019

The dynamic new Leverhulme Centre for Anthropocene Biodiversity at the University of York will bring together world-leading researchers to improve our understanding of the relationship between humanity and the world's biodiversity.

Human activities have caused the world’s physical and biological processes to change so significantly that we increasingly think of Earth as having entered a new geological epoch – the ‘Anthropocene’. This disruption has resulted in the extinction of many species, but the Anthropocene is also a time of biological gains; it may eventually be considered one of the greatest boosts to biological diversity in history.  

The Leverhulme Trust

Through the support of the Leverhulme Trust colleagues in the Centre will seek to understand the causes and consequences of biodiversity gains and losses, and inform and influence how society responds. The Centre will draw together researchers from many different disciplines across York’s three faculties along with partner organisations in Australia, Canada and Scotland. Together they will seek to integrate knowledge to foster further positive gains in biodiversity, without compromising human wellbeing or risking ‘past’ biodiversity. 

The Leverhulme Trust supports research which is fundamental or curiosity-driven, multi-disciplinary, and often higher risk. The Trust supports bold projects, visionary research and big ideas. That is why they have chosen the University of York to shape our understanding of how we might develop and maintain a sustainable Earth. Find out more

York Unlimited

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