York’s first ever Giving Day raises more than £66k for good causes

Posted on 20 November 2019

The University of York’s first ever Giving Day raised more than £66,000 for a range of causes, from improving mental health in the local community to funding student scholarships.

The event raised £66,783 from 472 donations, including 195 gifts from staff and students.

This included £14,925 of donations where every £1 given was matched by one of our donors.


This saw £2,500 donated to Mentally Fit York by Philip Carpenter once the fund received 50 donations from our staff and students, and £2,500 donated by Professor Colin Mellors when we reached a total of 375 Giving Day donors.

The donations mean:

  • Five students now able to access a York education through the York Opportunity Scholarship
  • Up to 24 students at York able to give themselves the best possible start to their careers thanks to the York Futures Scholarship
  • One new student nurse able to improve mental health in the local community and beyond with a Mental Health Nursing Scholarship
  • A whole range of mental health research and interventions that we can carry out through Mentally Fit York

Mary Haworth, Director of Philanthropic Partnerships and Alumni, said: “The response from students, staff, alumni and the wider community is beyond what we could have hoped for. Thankyou for being part of our first ever giving day and responding in the way that you did.

"We really look forward to sharing news of how these gifts have transformed mental health research and supported the wellbeing of our students and the community". 


Anna Rivera is a final year law student at York and received the York Futures Scholarship in her second year.

She said: " It was incredible to see the huge amount of support on Giving Day, which will allow the University to support students like me during their time at York. 

“I'm originally from Honduras, and my scholarship has been so important - it made me feel like I wasn't alone and allowed me to undertake work experience which has been invaluable in my law career.

“Thankyou to everyone who participated on the day and supported students and mental health causes at York."