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New issue of Centre for Women's Studies Journal, Cultivate

Posted on 25 September 2023

We are delighted to share the latest issue of Cultivate: The Feminist Journal of the Centre for Women's Studies (CWS). 'Issue 5: The Creative Issue' puts our usual peer-reviewed article process aside and instead spotlights creative work.

The Cultivate team (including co-editors-in-chief Daisy McManaman, Lizzie Merrill and Maddy French, as well as former editors-in-chief Sanna Eriksson and Lauren Cowling and CWS Director Rachel Alsop) aimed to shine a light on the value of creative research methods and practices. With contributions from CWS Masters and PhD students, as well as students from across the University of York and beyond, the issue features digital and mixed media art, photography, poetry, and other creative forms.

If you’re interested in learning more about Cultivate we’d love for you to join us at our online information session on Wednesday 4 October at 2pm to 3pm. You can email for more details.

You can read the new copy (and all previous copies) online. Or, you can pick up a physical copy of issue 5 in the Centre.