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PhD student's article in Africa Studies Bulletin

Posted on 10 January 2017

Read PhD student Manel Zouabi's article in Africa Studies Bulletin 78 (Winter 2016/17).

This article draws on parts of my doctoral research, and is also based on a paper I presented on January 2016 in the Yorkshire African Studies Network (YASN) Workshop on Gender and Sexuality. In this article, I examine how Tunisian women feminist activists are being constructed on Isalmist Facebook pages. I framed this research question within the post-revolutionary phase in Tunisia, which was marked by the overthrow of an allegedly 'feminist' dictatorship, and the consequent emergence of a pluralistic socio-political landscape. This landscape comprised, among other political forces, of Islamists who utilised Facebook in order to express their views on feminist activism, particularly the 'secular' feminism. Analysing two examplary posts through critical discourse analysis, I came to map, discuss, and challenge how gender and sexuality are constructed on these two posts.

The article features in Africa Studies Bulletin 78 (Winter 2016/17) and I would like to thank Dr Christian Hogsbjerg and the editorial team for their patience, support, and cooperation.