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New Feminist Journal announced - call for papers

Posted on 1 October 2017

Cultivate, the new peer reviewed feminist journal based at the Centre for Women's Studies, University of York, is open for submissions for our first issue on the theme of 'Feminist Protests'.

Submissions should be sent via email to by 1st November 2017.

Feminist Protests
‘Nevertheless, she persisted’: Living in a post-truth world and refusing to be post-feminist

Cultivate is an annual, open-access journal based in the University of York at the Centre for Women’s Studies. We are postgraduate-led and interested in the practices, nuances and articulations of feminism. We are based in Europe but open to global submissions of all kinds of studies related to or about feminism. We accept academic essays as well as cultural commentary and creative work. Both academics and non-academics are encouraged to submit material, in all mediums of art and critical thought, including but not limited to essays, photo essays, poetry, videos, podcasts.

The last year has seen a rise in populist politics in Europe and North America that threatens our social, cultural and political freedoms. Many of us are living in fear of what this divisive political climate might mean. Cultivate is interested in submissions around modes of resistance and challenges to attacks on our social, cultural and political freedoms.

Elizabeth Warren was warned, she was given an explanation, but nevertheless she persisted. Her resilience and tenacity has resonated with feminists and activists across the globe, and we are now interested in investigating the ways in which we can come together, to persist, resist and rise. Now we ask how we can harness the current political momentum to re-energise existing forms of political activism and cultivate new and radical approaches to old threats re-imagined. How can we unite across borders to tear down walls–physical, political, cultural, and social–faster than they can build them?

We are based in the U.K. and this issue has been inspired by feminist protest in response to the populist politics occurring here and in the U.S. However, feminist politics have been an integral part of activism globally, and we believe these expressions of resistance are necessary to the conversation around feminist protest. Therefore, we seek and encourage submissions from all over the world.

Submission guidelines and additional information can be found on the Cultivate website.