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University Card for staff

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The University card is a credit card sized card we are issuing to all members of staff, students and certain categories of associates. It has many functions including door access, library/printing card and sports centre card if required. Other functions will be added as other systems come online.

There are two versions of the card, an ID version which contains a photo and a standard version with no photo. Please see the list of departments below who have adopted an ID version of the University Card for staff.

It is important you do not punch a hole in your University Card this will affect the way the card operates.

If you are a student and require information on your University Card please visit the University Card information for students.


How the card will be issued

To request a new or replacement staff ID card please complete the Staff card request form. Cards will not be issued until the form has been completed or the team has received an email from you.

Do you require a photo?

We have asked Departmental Heads whether they would like staff to have a standard or ID version of the University Card. The following departments have specified that staff working within these departments require an ID version of the card.

If you belong to one of the following departments you need to provide a photo. 

Departments using an ID version of the card

  • Archaeology
  • Biology
  • Careers Service
  • Centre for Housing Policy
  • Commercial Services
  • Department of Computer Science
  • Development and Alumni Relations Office
  • Estates and Campus Services
  • Finance
  • Goodricke College
  • Health, Safety and Welfare Department
  • Health Sciences
  • Hull York Medical School
  • Human Resources
  • Information Directorate
  • Institute for Effective Education
  • International Relations Office
  • Languages for All
  • York Law School
  • Norwegian Study Centre
  • Registry Services
  • Research and Enterprise
  • Security Services
  • School of Arts and Creative Technologies
  • School for Business and Society
  • Student Support Services
  • Wentworth Graduate College

If you are a member of any of these departments you will need to provide a photo. Cards for these departments will only be printed where a photo has been provided. If you do not belong to one of these departments, but wish to have an ID version of the card, please follow the instructions under 'providing a photo' tab.

Using your card

Staff who are also students

Where a member of staff is also a student, the student card takes precedence and no staff card will be produced as a person should only require a single University ‘smart’ card.  Any functionality you require as a member of staff can be added to your student University Card. 

If a staff card is required for ID purposes, a card bearing the name and photo can be produced but without any card number or encoding. These cards will be produced at the specific request of the line manager. If you require an additional staff ID card, go to select 'manage who can view your photograph' and ensure you answer 'yes' to the option to have your photo included on your card. This will use the same photo as your Student Card unless you update your photo on the system.

ID versions of the card

If your department has chosen to issue photo versions of the University Card, you will need to provide a photograph. Please see the 'providing a photo' tab.

Using your University Card

Door access

If you are experiencing an issue with door access with your University card, please inform the Facilities Helpdesk about your problem to resolve the matter. You can do this by clicking the 'access request/problem' link and then fill out the corresponding form.

If you have Kaba door access you will normally have this included on your University Card automatically.

If you have Onity door access and wish to have the access rights on your University Card, you will need to have your University Card programmed. This can be done at college receptions on Campus West

The use of door access cards is in-line with the University access policy.

Car parking

If you pre-pay to use a car park on campus which has a barrier in operation, your access will be included on your University Card.

The use of car parking is in-line with the University car parking policy.

Library services

For all staff, your University Card automatically gives you University Library membership.

If you are an associate at the University, you will not gain automatic library membership. If you wish to join please make your application directly with the Library.

The use of the Library is in line with the library policy.


New centralised printer/copiers are being installed around the University. These devices will require you to present your University Card to release your print job. For further details visit the printing project webpages.

University Sports Centre

If you wish to use your University Card as your Sports Centre membership card, you may ask a member of the Sports Centre reception staff to replace your old card with your new one.

Other functions

As yet there are no other functions available to your new University Card. As new facilities come online we will let you know when these are available, and how you can add these functions to your card.

Providing a Photo

University Card as ID card

Some members of staff are required to have a photo on their card, for example members of the facilities team, who need to gain access to different parts of the University, or prove their identity off campus. Each department will decide whether to issue standard cards to staff or cards with a photo.

The following example illustrates a University Card with a photo for ID purposes.

Providing a photo for your University Card

Upload a photo for your card (remember to select the option to allow inclusion of the photo on your University Card).

If you have already uploaded a photo via this method in the past and you wish to use it for your card, you will need to go back to this website, click ‘Select University Card Preferences’ and click ‘yes’ to the option to have the photo included on your card.

It is important that the photograph you provide for the ID style of University Card is the right size and quality. It should be recent and representative. As a general rule you should treat getting your ID photo in the same way you would for your passport photo.

Find specific help and guidance on uploading your photo

Please note the email received after your photograph has been accepted does not mean that your card has been printed. You will also need to fill in the staff card request form.


Amending the rights and functions to your University Card

If your circumstances change you may need to amend the functions on your University Card

  • Change the door access rights on my card: ask your departmental administrator to request that the change be made by the access control team.
  • Add car parking access to my card: contact the parking permit team:
  • Change my University Card to an ID styleupload a photo (remember to click the option to allow inclusion of the photo on your University card) 
  • Make changes to my library rights: for this you will need to contact the Library

Lost or stolen University Cards

It is important that if your University Card is lost or stolen, you report it to Security immediately so that access rights can be cancelled as soon as possible. Please contact security on extension 4444 in the first instance.

They will disable any access control functions on the lost card and if necessary, arrange issue of a short-term ‘transition’ card which will give you access control rights until you are able to obtain a new University Card.

To have your University Card re-issued you can request a replacement by completing our online request form.

This is in line with the University Access policy.

Returning your University Card

If you are retiring or leaving the University we ask you to return your University Card for safe disposal. Your line manager or supervisor should request this as part of the leaving process.

This will be done in line with the University access /HR policy.


The benefits of the University Card

The University already uses a number of ‘stand-alone’ cards for different purposes and each card is managed locally by the function providers. For example the Library look after library cards, Security look after door access cards. These cards require a certain amount of intelligence to help the card holder gain access to the right rooms or to use staff facilities.

The need for this type of ‘smart card’ will grow as more of these types of systems come on line, for example centralised print management and car parking.

The administrative overhead of managing many separate cards is costly and inefficient. It’s also inconvenient for staff to have to carry around more and more cards during their working day.

The aim is to provide a way of getting current and future functions to operate using a single card token, providing a ‘one-stop-card’ for staff and students to get around campus and access the things they need to do.

Who is eligible for the University Card?

Anyone working or studying at the University will have a University Card. There will be three different types of card issued each with different uses:

  • Staff: door access, car parking, library, centralised printing (ID if required) etc.
  • Student: photo ID card, examination ID card, door access, library etc.
  • Associate: door access etc.

The default staff card will not contain a photo and is not intended as an ID card. However, some members of staff who request an ID card can apply for the photo version. Departments will be asked to decide if members of staff will require standard or photo cards. Other staff can opt to include their photo on the University Card if they wish.

Associate University Cards

There are different categories of associate within the University for example members of the temping pool, contractors etc . The category you belong to will determine whether you are eligible for a University Card, and if so, which functions will be available to you.

Associate cards will not be automatically issued as part of the staff card roll-out. If you require an associate card your line manager will be required to request one on your behalf.

Questions and answers on the University Card for staff

A set of staff Q&As (PDF , 191kb)‌‎‌ has been prepared to help staff to work through the principles and logistics of the new card.

T's and C's

University Staff/Associate Card Terms & Conditions


  • Card
    The University Card, is issued by the University of York.
  • We/Us
    The University of York, Heslington, York.
  • You
    The person to whom a card is issued and the only one authorised to use it under these terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions explain our obligations to you and your obligations to us

  1. You must take all reasonable care of your card to prevent damage to it.  It must not be tampered with, defaced, damaged, passed on or loaned to others, misused in any University system or in any other way.
  2. You must take all reasonable precautions to prevent the loss, theft or misuse of your card.
  3. If your card is lost, stolen or otherwise liable to be misused, you must inform us by contacting the University Information Centre or Security Centre at the earliest opportunity.
  4. We will replace cards free of charge which are damaged by legitimate use in University equipment or which prove to have been faulty in themselves (as opposed to those damaged by user misuse).
  5. If you have a problem with using your card, you should bring your card to the University Information Centre.
  6. Where we consider there are justifiable grounds for doing so, we reserve the right to require you to return your card to us at any time immediately upon notice to you, and we may suspend or withdraw the use of your card or some of the functions on it at any time at our discretion.
  7. The card may only be used by current University members: 
    • As proof of identity on University premises.
    • As a form of identity if required when visiting external establishments.
    • For access to associated systems and physical access through doors or barriers; the use of these services is governed by separate regulations.
  8. On leaving University employment, the card must be surrendered to your line manager before you leave.
  9. Your University Card remains the property of the University Of York and must be returned on request.

For further information contact

The University Card Desk

Information Centre

Market Square

+44(0)1904 324875

Opening times: 9:00am - 4pm Monday to Friday excluding Public and Bank Holidays

Uni Card Information