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Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey

The Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES) is run by the Advance HE together with the University. It aims to identify areas where further enhancements can be made to taught postgraduate programmes. Institutions are not required to take part in the survey.

Survey completion

PTES last ran in 2022.

Survey results and analysis

The results of the survey remain confidential to each institution. However, the survey does allow participating institutions to benchmark their results against the aggregate results of all participating HEIs.

At York, the results of the survey are considered initially by a small group of staff and student representatives led by the Associate Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Teaching, Learning and Students. The group analyses and draws out the implications of the results for the institutional quality enhancement activities and provides feedback to departments. 
The results and some analysis of results are circulated to Heads of Department and Chairs of Graduate School Boards in the summer. Departments are asked to consider the results (with staff and students) and to keep the University Teaching Committee informed of their response and any actions taken through the annual programme review process.

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