Accessibility statement

External audits and accreditation reviews

Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies (PSRBs) review visits

University Teaching Committee (UTC) and the Academic Support Office can provide support and advice for departments in relation to PSRB recognition (for example, providing comments on draft submissions to PSRBs and attending accreditation visits to demonstrate University support). If you would like to discuss your department's requirements in this area please contact your quality assurance team contact.

Copies of PSRB visit reports must be sent to the Academic Support Office so that they can be considered by UTC. The recommendations made by the professional, statutory and regulatory body will be subject to scrutiny in Periodic Reviews.

Programme modifications must be reported to the relevant professional, statutory and regulatory body, in some circumstances a change to the programme will result in the recognition form PSRBs no longer being appropriate. It is recommended that you consult with the appropriate body prior to making curriculum changes so that this is not done inadvertently.

QAA audit and review

Institutional review

The last Institutional Review of the University by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) occurred in 2012, and we are pleased to say we had an excellent outcome.

All universities are subject to Institutional Review every six years. The review covers all of our educational provision - Undergraduate, Postgraduate Taught and Postgraduate Research. The outcome is very important in terms of confirming the quality and standards of our teaching and learning activities. It also provides a valuable opportunity for us to gain insights and feedback from the independent QAA team.

In the three areas where formal judgements are given, the report confirms that:

  • our awards 'meet UK expectations' for threshold standards (the best outcome that can be awarded),
  • the quality of student learning opportunities again 'meets UK expectations',
  • we are commended on the enhancement of student learning opportunities - the best outcome that can be awarded.

This excellent result is a clear endorsement of the hard work that has been done across the University to maintain and improve learning and teaching.

The QAA team highlighted several areas of institutional good practice. As is usual in these reviews, the team has also made some recommendations and specific endorsement of areas of work where improvements are already in hand.