Accessibility statement

Students who wish to withdraw from a programme

Withdrawal is the term we use where students decide to permanently leave the university prior to completion of the award for which they are registered, for either personal or academic reasons. In each case, staff should encourage students to consider whether it may be more appropriate to take a leave of absence where the change in circumstance may be temporary.

If a student wishes to withdraw they should complete the Intention to Withdraw form (see link to YGRS webpages below). Leaving the University is an important decision so we want to make sure that they are aware of all the options available and that they have access to the right advice and support. Therefore, once they submit the form, a Student Adviser will contact them within two working days. If, after their conversation with a Student Adviser, they still wish to withdraw, they will be asked to complete a Confirmation of Withdrawal form.

Full details, including information about implications for fees and Tier 4 status, and the link to the Intention to Withdraw form, are available on the YGRS webpages

The date of withdrawal is the student's last day of attendance as agreed with the department and supervisor. They will have access to their University computing account and email for 30 days after their withdrawal date.

Who to contact

Research Student Administration Team

Registry Services
University of York
Heslington YORK YO10 5DD
  • For Arts and Humanities: 01904 32 3374
  • For Sciences: 01904 32 4644
  • For Social Sciences: 01904 32 2141