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Tirso RJ Gonzalez-Alam
PhD Student



  • BSc Psychology, Universidad Anahuac, Mexico, 2000 – 2005.
  • MSc Clinical Neuropsychology, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, 2006 – 2008.
  • Specialization in Clinical Neuropsychology, Centro Internacional de Restauracion Neurologica, La Habana, Cuba, 2008 – 2009. 



Hemispheric differences in semantic cognition


My project focuses on describing interhemispheric differences in functional connectivity in key regions of the semantic cognition network, with the aim of describing the right hemisphere’s role in processing semantic information.

I’m currently working on a resting state functional connectivity analysis of a large dataset comparing the resulting connectivity from seeding left hemisphere semantic cognition sites to that of the right hemisphere for the left inferior frontal gyrus, anterior temporal lobe and posterior middle temporal gyrus. I’m also working on an fMRI experiment looking at what happens when people have to use semantic vs non-semantic information to inhibit a behaviour, to better understand the nature of cognitive control.

My research interests include the neural bases of higher-order language processing (ambiguity, metaphors, discourse) and of consciousness, hemispheric specialisation, and mind-wandering.

Research group(s)

  • Semantics / Mind wandering lab


  • National Science and Technology Council PhD Grant (Mexico)


  • Beth Jefferies (PhD Supervisor),
  • Jonny Smallwood (PhD Supervisor)
  • Charlotte Murphy
  • Theodoros Karapanagiotidis
  • Irene de Caso
  • Xiuyi Wang



  • Perception and Cognition (Tutorial) – Year 1
  • Brain and Behaviour (Mini-projects) – Year 2
  • Brain and Behaviour - Year 2
  • Research Methods (Tutorial) - Year 2
  • Development and Language - Year 2
  • assisting in Programming in Neuroimaging,
  • Tutor in the Maths Skills Centre.

Contact details

Tirso RJ Gonzalez-Alam
PhD student
Department of Psychology
Room PS/E010

Tel: 01904 322873