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Emily Madden
PhD Student



  • Hendrix College ā€™19 BA Psychology
  • University of York ā€™20 MRes Psychology
  • I completed my BA Psychology at Hendrix college. My research there focused on the use of self-affirmation to reduce feelings of anxiety associated with learning and using statistics as well as on a joint project with the Anthropology Department that examined what influence sleep, work and social support had on longevity in Blue Zones.  I also completed my MRes in Psychology at the University of York where my research focused on the use of targeted memory reactivation during daytime naps to influence memory for object-word pairs.

Departmental roles

  • Hendrix College, Department of Psychology, (2018-2019) Research Assistant with Dr Jennifer Peszka and Dr Anne Goldberg
  • Hendrix College, Department of Psychology, (2018-2019) Research Assistant with Dr Adrienne Crowell
  • University of York, Department of Psychology, Research Assistant (2019-2020) with Dr Scott Cairney
  • University of York, (2019-2020) MRes Course Rep



Binding of Items in Visual Episodic Memory; Effects and Mechanisms.


I am researching the mechanisms underlying the binding of items in visual episodic memory.  Specifically, Iā€™m exploring how decontextualization, congruency and sleep influence the encoding and retrieval processes. 

Research group(s)

  • Complex Cognitive Processes Lab (CCPL)
  • Emotion, Processing and Offline Consolidation Lab (EPOC)
  • Sleep, Language and Memory Lab (SLAM)


  • Karla K Evans, University of York (Supervisor)
  • Scott Cairney, University of York (Supervisor)



  • 2020-2021 Brain & Behaviour II


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Emily Madden
PhD student
Department of Psychology
University of York