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Naveen Hanif
PhD Student



  • BSc Speech and Language Sciences- University of Sheffield (2014-2017)
  • MSc Clinical Cognitive Neuroscience- Sheffield Hallam University (2018-2019)
  • PhD in Psychology- University of York  (2020-2023)

Departmental roles

  • Graduate Teaching Assistant
  • Student Representative



Lexical Retrieval in healthy older and younger adults: Examining age-related effects on language production in context


Through our research we are exploring how age affects lexical retrieval during speech. Previous research has typically focussed on single word retrieval. However, language production is rarely limited to individual words and is usually produced in sentences or as part of dialogues, and is influenced by the semantic information available in the context.

Our project is underpinned by three key aims. Firstly, to examine how age affects lexical retrieval during language production in context (i.e., connected speech) versus isolation (i.e., individual words). Secondly, we are investigating how semantic cues available from the context hinder or facilitate lexical retrieval in older versus younger adults, and how potential effects might be related to semantic control and domain-general control. Finally, employing the use of fMRI, we are studying the neural mechanisms underlying age-effects on lexical retrieval.

Research group(s)

Bilingualism and Language Control lab (PI: Dr. Angela de Bruin)


  • University of York Departmental Scholarship
  • University of Sheffield ‘City scholars’- scholarship awarded on the basis that grades ABB or higher are achieved at A-level (2014-2017)
  • The Sheffield Graduate Award (2017)- a ‘degree plus’ initiative which highlights commitment to improving employability prospects through the development of professional and personal skills


  • Dr. Angela de Bruin
  • Professor Beth Jefferies



  • Graduate Teaching Assistant


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Naveen Hanif
PhD student
Department of Psychology
University of York