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Clara Humpston
Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Mental Health



With a background in both psychopharmacology and psychiatric research methods, I was awarded my PhD on the cognitive neuropsychiatry of schizotypy and first episode psychosis in Professor David Linden’s lab from Cardiff University in February 2018, focusing on predictive processing and source monitoring frameworks. I began my first postdoctoral position in 2017 at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, King’s College London working on chronotherapeutics for the rapid treatment of depression, before taking up a post of Research Fellow at the Institute of Mental Health, University of Birmingham in 2019. I joined the Department of Psychology as a Lecturer in Mental Health at the University of York in April 2022.


  • Apr 2022 – Present     Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Mental Health, University of York
  • Jun 2019 – Apr 2022   Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Institute for Mental Health, University of Birmingham                             
  • Dec 2017 – Apr 2019   Postdoctoral Research Associate, Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, King’s College London
  • Nov 2012 – Sept 2014   Research Assistant, Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, King’s College London
  • PhD in Cognitive Neuropsychiatry, Cardiff University (2018)
  • MSc (Distinction) in Psychiatric Research, King’s College London (2012)
  • BSc (2:1 Hons) in Pharmacology, University of Bristol (2011)



Towards an interdisciplinary understanding of schizophrenia


My research interests mainly focus on schizophrenia-spectrum psychoses. My research experiences span from psychopharmacology to cognitive neuropsychiatry to phenomenology, and I am heavily involved with the International Consortium for Hallucination Research. I am a strong proponent of inter- and multidisciplinary approaches and values the importance of multiple lines of scientific inquiry in mental health research.

Research group(s)


  • 2023   University of York Impact Fund (£1,380)
  • 2023   NIHR Research Design Service Yorkshire and Humber Public Involvement Funding Award (£600)
  • 2023   University of York Small Award for Research Priming (£1,500)
  • 2021   Co-applicant, EPSRC Towards Turing 2.0 Core Funding (£29,760.80)
  • 2019   University of Birmingham School of Psychology Pump-priming Fund (£1,300)
  • 2019   University of Birmingham Internationalisation Grant (£932)
  • 2014   Medical Research Council Doctoral Training Grant and Cardiff School of Psychology Studentship Award
  • 2014   Experimental Psychology Society Grindley Grant (£500) / Psychiatry Research Trust Conference Grant (£500)
  • 2013   Guarantors of Brain Full Travel Grant (£800)

Awards and Prizes:

  • 2020   Fellowship of the UK Higher Education Academy                                                         
  • 2018   Cognitive Neuropsychiatry Best Young Researcher Paper Award: 3rd Prize                           
  • 2016   Cardiff University First Year PhD Prize for Early Promise                                                                
  • 2015   Medical Research Council Max Perutz Science Writing Prize: Commendation (3rd Prize)                         
  • 2011   University of Bristol R. B. Barlow Final Year Pharmacology Research Project Prize               


National collaborators:

  • Professor Beth Jefferies, University of York
  • Professor Robert Dudley, University of York 
  • Dr Aidan Horner, University of York
  • Professor Matthew Ratcliffe, University of York
  • Professor Matthew Broome, University of Birmingham
  • Professor Steven Marwaha, University of Birmingham
  • Professor Rachel Upthegrove, University of Birmingham
  • Dr Jack Rogers, University of Birmingham
  • Dr Maria Michail, University of Birmingham
  • Professor Anthony David, University College London
  • Dr Vaughan Bell, University College London
  • Professor Quinton Deeley, King’s College London
  • Professor David Veale, King’s College London
  • Professor Allan Young, King’s College London
  • Professor Emma Robinson, University of Bristol
  • Professor Derek Jones, Cardiff University
  • Dr Lisa Evans, Cardiff University

International collaborators:

  • Professor David Linden, Maastricht University
  • Dr Cherise Rosen, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Professor Sohee Park, Vanderbilt University
  • Dr Katharine Thakkar, Michigan State University
  • Dr Anne Giersch, French Institute of Health and Medical Research
  • Professor Henry Jackson, University of Melbourne
  • Professor Flavie Waters, University of Western Australia
  • Professor Barnaby Nelson, University of Melbourne
  • Professor Frank Larøi, University of Oslo
  • Dr Elisabeth Haug, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Available PhD research projects

Available for PhD supervision – please feel free to email



  • Advanced module, Schizophrenia and Related Psychoses


Selected publications

  1. Thakkar, K.N., McCleery, A., Minor, K.S., Lee, J., Humpston, C.S., Chopik, W.J., Burt, S.A., Pearson, A.L., Ungar, M., and Park, S. (2023). Moving from risk to resilience in psychosis research. Nature Reviews Psychology,
  2. Humpston, C.S. (2022). Paradoxes in a Prism: Reflections on the omnipotent passivity and omniscient oblivion of schizophrenia. Philosophical Psychology,
  3. Ritunnano, R., Kleinman, J.J., Oshodi, D.W., Michail, M., Nelson, B., Humpston, C.S., and Broome, M.R. (2022). Subjective experience and meaning of delusions in psychosis: systematic review and qualitative evidence synthesis. The Lancet Psychiatry, 9(6), 458-476
  4. Humpston, C.S. (2022). Isolated by Oneself: Ontologically Impossible Experiences in Schizophrenia. Philosophy, Psychiatry & Psychology, 29(1), 5-15.
  5. Burgin, S., Reniers, R., and Humpston, C. (2022). Prevalence and assessment of self-disorders in the schizophrenia spectrum: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Scientific Reports, 12:1165.
  6. Thomas, L., Torregrossa, L., Reniers, R., and Humpston, C. (2021). Exploring multimodal hallucinations and disturbances in the basic and bodily self: A cross-sectional study in a non-clinical sample. Journal of Psychiatric Research, 143, 144-154.
  7. Humpston, C., Harrow, M., and Rosen, C. (2020). Behind the opaque curtain: A 20-year longitudinal study of dissociative and first-rank symptoms in schizophrenia-spectrum psychoses, other psychoses and non-psychotic disorders. Schizophrenia Research, 223, 327-334.
  8. Humpston, C.S., and Broome, M.R. (2020). Thinking, Believing, and Hallucinating Self in Schizophrenia. The Lancet Psychiatry, 7(7), 638-646.

Full publications list

See Google Scholar or ResearchGate for a full list of publications. 

External activities


  • Member, Schizophrenia International Research Society (SIRS)
  • Member of Editorial Board, Cognitive Neuropsychiatry
  • Member of Executive Board, Royal College of Psychiatrists Philosophy Special Interest Group
  • Grant Reviewer, Medical Research Council, King's Health Partners Challenge Fund, Research Foundation Flanders
  • Invited Peer Reviewer for more than 30 scientific journals

Invited talks and conferences

Selected Invited Talks:

  • Keynote presentation on the phenomenology of schizophrenia, International Conference on the Philosophy of Madness and the Madness of Philosophy, Ghent, Belgium (September 2021)
  • Presentation on delusion formation, Deluded by Experience Workshop, Birmingham, UK (July 2021)
  • Presentation on the phenomenology of psychosis and self-disorders, Gaustad Hospital, Oslo, Norway (October 2019)
  • Presentation on multimodal hallucinations and bodily self, International Consortium on Hallucination Research Working Group Meeting, Durham, UK (September 2019, as working group chair)
  • Presentation on the relationships between auditory-verbal hallucinations and delusional thoughts, International Consortium on Hallucination Research Working Group Meeting, Lille, France (November 2017, as working group chair)
  • Presentation on the phenomenology of auditory-verbal hallucinations, International Consortium on Hallucination Research Satellite Meeting, Chicago, USA (September 2016)

Contact details

Dr Clara Humpston
Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Mental Health
Department of Psychology
University of York
Room PS/C/202

Tel: 01904 321042