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York Memory Games (YORMEGA)

Help us and play games to help us better understand memory

The York Memory Games project is looking at our ability to hold information in mind. We aim to understand what might affect or limit this ability, and how we might do a better job at preserving it. 

We are looking for a large number of volunteers to help us collect data through a series of games that we have designed.

What is the research project about?

The amount of information we can hold in mind for a short time is limited. This limit changes during development and as we age. It also seems to be more limited in people with certain disorders. Our ability to hold information in mind in this way is important for many other things, such as reasoning and language, and may also predict our quality of life.

We are trying to understand what limits this ability, and how we might do a better job at preserving it.

We have developed a series of games that will help us understand... 

How can I get involved?

You can help us with our research by playing the games we've designed. 

  • There are a range of games. You can choose to play however many you want.
  • The game explains what we'll do with the data we collect.

Share the games with your friends and family. We need as many players as possible!

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