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Alex Benjamin



  • BSc in Psychology, University of York
  • MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience, University of York
  • PhD in Psychology (pending viva), University of York; Understanding social communication between humans and dogs
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Psychology, University of York 2015-2018



I am currently interested in social communication between humans and animals. My work focusses on communication with dogs, including the production of dog-directed speech, and how dogs respond to communicative signals such as body language.

Some of my current projects aim to investigate the acoustic properties of infant- and pet-directed speech registers, individual differences in production of dog-directed speech, and the use of contextual barking in dogs. I am also interested in how dogs respond to these different properties, including their response to differences in language and affect.


  • Professor Katie Slocombe (University of York): Dog-Human Communication and dog-directed speech.
  • Dr Sally Quinn, Dr Lisa-Marie Henderson and Professor Katie Slocombe (University of York): Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
  • Professor Alex Wade, Dr Daniel Baker and Kirstie Wailes-Newson (University of York): Locomotion and Surround suppression in human vision.


Selected publications

  • Benjamin, A. & Slocombe, K. (2018) ‘Who’s a good boy?!’ Dogs prefer naturalistic dog-directed speech Animal Cognition,
  • Benjamin, A, Wailes-Newson, K., Ma-Wyatt, A., Baker, D.H., and Wade, A.R., (2018) The effect of locomotion on early visual contrast processing in humans. Journal of Neuroscience, 1428-17;
  • Quinn, S., Henderson, L., Benjamin, A., Slocombe,K., (2017) To structure or not to structure: the efficacy of an interactive exercise for understanding the importance of structure. International Journal of Teaching and Education, 5(2), pp. 74-92, DOI: 10.20472/TE.2017.5.2.005
  • Wade, A.R., & Benjamin, A.V., (2013). How do we see color? Frontiers for Young Minds available at



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Alex Benjamin
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University of York
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Tel: 01904 324367