Psych!York 2019

Posted on 3 May 2019

On Thursday 30th May, members of the ECR Forum from the Department of Psychology will be running the 'Psych!York: Interactive family fun' event at the Hospitium, Museum Gardens, York. The event runs from 11am to 4:30 pm and admission is free.


Psych!York 2019: Interactive family fun

Public engagement event on psychology -and brain- research

Open to: staff, students and members of the public  

Cost: Free, no booking required

What does your brain do when you're asleep? How do chimpanzees and bonobos communicate? Can we influence preferences and decision-making? How do we use our senses to understand the world around us?

These are just some of the questions being researched at the Psychology Department at the University of York. Come along to Psych!York to try out our demonstrations and learn about some of the amazing things you have never known about your own mind. 

The event it is suitable for the whole family, with hand-outs for adults, brain colouring and crafts for younger children, and illusions and interactive exhibits for everyone. 

Find out more about the topics here: : psych!york2019_topics (PDF , 339kb) .

About the speakers

Demos and exhibits will be run and organized by Early Career Researcher’s Forum from the Department of Psychology at the University of York. Click on their name to found out more about their research!

Amanda Hickey, Dr. Kirsty Graham, Charlotte Ashton, Dr. Hao-Ting Wang, Dr. Sarah Knight, Adam Turnbull, Lucilla Lanzoni,  Meichao Zhang, Dr. Jonathan Flavell, Yujin Lee, Bryony McKean, Dr. Ying Wang, Holly D. Brown, Dr. Marcus Harrington, Dr. Laura Speed, Dr. Sara Stampacchia, Dr. Alex Reid, Dr. Alex Benjamin, Leah Kelly, Anna Guttesen

Psych!York 2019 is organized by Lucilla Lanzoni on behalf of the ERC forum, flyer design is by Chiara Lanzoni (graphic designer), online advertising by Sara Stampacchia.