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Dr Jonathan Flavell
Postdoctoral Research Associate



I work with Dr Harriet Over in the Social Origins Lab ( on projects looking into bias and stereotypes. I also work on preference and judgement 'nudging' with Professor Steve Tipper (University of York), and on dynamic vision with Professor Brendan Barrett and Dr John Buckley (University of Bradford). In addition to my postdoctoral positions, I have also received project funding from the British Academy and Leverhulme Trust. 
Previously I have studied visual/motor prediction and control in healthy and cerebellar impaired patients, developed models of the brain's gravitational motion prediction, and tested ‘mirror therapy’ interventions for children with hemiparetic CP. 


  • 2017-present Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of York.
  • 2013-2016 Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Bradford.
  • 2013 Postdoctoral Research Assistant (short contract), Manchester Metropolitan University.
  • PhD ‘An investigation into the directional and amplitude aspects of an internal model of gravity’, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, 2015.
  • MSc Foundations of Clinical Neuropsychology, Bangor University, UK, 2008.
  • BSc (Hons) in Psychology with Neuropsychology, Bangor University, UK, 2007.



Currently I have two main projects: exploring intergroup bias and stereotype development in children and adults; and investigating the attribution and denial of human attributes to human and non-human entities. 
I am also working on several other projects: preference, choice, judgement 'nudging'; assessment of dynamic visual acuity; and visuo-motor aspects of elite sporting performance. 


  • Dr Harriet Over, Professor Steve Tipper, and Dr Sarah Knight at the University of York.
  • Professor Brendan Barrett and Dr John Buckley at the University of Bradford.
  • Dr Michelle To at Lancaster University.


Selected publications

  • Motion fluency effects on object preference is limited to learned context
    JC Flavell, B McKean (2020)
    Plos One

  • Three minutes to change preferences: perceptual fluency and response inhibition
    B McKean, JC Flavell, H Over, SP Tipper (2020)
    Royal Society Open Science

  • Faster visual reaction times in elite athletes are not linked to better gaze stability
    BT Barrett, AG Cruickshank, JC Flavell, SJ Bennett, JG Buckley, JM Harris, AJ Scally (2020)
    Scientific Reports

  • Culturally learned first impressions occur rapidly and automatically and emerge early in development
    A Eggleston, JC Flavell, SP Tipper, R Cook, H Over (2020)
    Developmental Science

  • Competing for affection: Perceptual fluency and ambiguity solution (2019)
    JC Flavell, H Over, SP Tipper
    Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance

  • Remembered Together: Recognition accuracy for visual features of interacting partners is enhanced in the presence of outgroup distractors, but decreased in the presence of ingroup distractors (2019)
    T Vestner, JC Flavell, R Cook, SP Tipper
    Journal of Vision

  • Motion fluency and object preference: Robust perceptual but fragile memory effects (2019)
    JC Flavell, B McKean, SP Tipper, AJ Kirkham, T Vestner, H Over
    Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition

  • Group membership and racial bias modulate the temporal estimation of in-group/out-group body movements (2018)
    V Cazzato, S Makris, JC Flavell, CM Vicario
    Experimental Brain Research

  • Preference for illusory contours: Beyond object symmetry, familiarity, and nameability (2018)
    JC Flavell, SP Tipper, H Over
    Emotion 18 (5)

  • Temporal estimation in prediction motion tasks is biased by a moving destination (2018)
    JC Flavell, BT Barrett, JG Buckley, JM Harris, AJ Scally, NB Beebe, AG Cruickshank, SJ Bennett
    Journal of Vision

  • Vision and Visual History in Elite/Near-Elite-Level Cricketers and Rugby-League Players (2017)
    BT Barrett, JC Flavell, SJ Bennett, AG Cruickshank, A Mankowska, JM Harris, JG Buckley
    Sports Medicine-Open

  • A probabilistic MR atlas of the human cerebellum (2009)
    J Diedrichsen, JH Balsters, J Flavell, E Cussans, N Ramnani

Contact details

Dr Jonathan Flavell
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Department of Psychology
The University of York
YO10 5DD
Room PS/C124b

Tel: 01904 323139