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New computational tools for analysing DNA simulations 

We have developed SerraNA, which is a program that calculates global elastic constants (persistence length, torsion and stretch modulus) from modelling ensembles [1]. The algorithm was originally designed to understand how elastic constants emerge from atomic fluctuations [2] and it was used to test the emerging properties of amber bsc1 force-field for DNA simulations [3].

WrLINE and SerraLINE softwares have been developed for comparing atomistic resolution data with lower-resolution experimental measurements like AFM, to facilitate comparisons between the two. Both programs were used for mirroring MD simulations and AFM images on supercoiled DNA minicircles [4] . WrLINE allow us to obtain a DNA molecular centre-line, filtering out all the local irregularities [5], and SerraLINE measures angles between different points of the WrLINE’s molecular contour [4].

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