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Dialogue across the arts and humanities, sciences and social sciences

The Humanities Research Centre, Berrick Saul Building

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The Interdisciplinary Centre for Narrative Studies


Richard Walsh, Director

Richard Walsh,
Centre Director

The ICNS exists to focus the extraordinary range of work relating to narratives and narrative theory at York. It brings together researchers in the humanities, sciences and social sciences, and it bridges the full historical range of period studies within the humanities.

We approach collaborative and interdisciplinary research as dialogue rather than synthesis, so that the exchange of ideas feeds back into the specific research fields of the participants. Our networks extend a long way beyond the York academic community; if you are interested in being involved, do get in touch.

Narrative is a basic way of making sense; forms of story pervade culture, the media, everyday communication and, most fundamentally, our thinking. What is at stake in this ubiquity?


Humanities and Beyond
Humanities and Beyond 2016

Monday 14 March 2016


Sunday 14 February 2016



Mock Conference Panel: Aspects of Narrative

A conference-panel style presentation of three papers, from Hanna Roine (Helsinki), Yu-Hua Yen (York) and Francesca Arnavas (York)


Non-Fiction Animation: Narrative Imagination and the Translation of Reality

Call for Papers on non-fiction animation for a two-day symposium in York

Research themes

Tristram Shandy's plot lines for his first four volumes


Complex systems gardening

Our research themes and collaborations with other centres have generated a range of research projects: