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Narrare CFP: Interdisciplinary Autumn Seminar

Posted on 16 September 2021

If your PhD project involves studying narrative or if you make use of narrative methods, you will be interested in the Narrare annual seminar based in Tampere, Finland


On Thursday November 18, 2021, Narrare: Centre for Interdisciplinary Narrative Studies hosts the fifth annual seminar for PhD students. The seminar provides a chance to meet PhD researchers from diverse backgrounds who work on or with narrative, but also to participate in Narrare’s ongoing endeavor of developing theories, methods and analytical tools for the interdisciplinary field of narrative studies. The seminar papers will be commented on by the senior researchers and professors of the Centre.


Our confirmed visiting scholars commenting on the workshop papers this year are Professor Lars-Christer Hydén and Professor Hanna Meretoja. Hydén is Professor of Social Psychology at Linköping University, Sweden, and director of Center for Dementia Research (CEDER). His research concerns how people living with dementia interact, communicate and tell stories. Meretoja is Professor of Comparative Literature and Director of SELMA: Centre for the Study of Storytelling, Experientiality and Memory at the University of Turku, Finland. Her research is mainly in the fields of narrative theory, narrative ethics and cultural memory studies.


The seminar will be held at Tampere University, Finland, the details to be decided later based on the fall Covid-19 situation. The opportunity to participate in the form of a distance meeting will be provided in any case. The possibility for those who wish to visit Tampere in person to do so will be determined later as we will learn more about the ongoing pandemic.


Proposals: We ask prospective participants to submit a proposal for a paper to be presented at the seminar. The one-page proposal should include: title, research question, target material, method and theoretical framework plus a short description of the issues the author would like the seminar to address when discussing their paper. The language of the proposals and the seminar is English.


Seminar papers & presentations: Those selected to present at the seminar are expected to send in written papers to be discussed. Those papers should include an extended version (2 to 3 pages) of the proposal and a representative excerpt (2 to 3 pages) of their target material. On the day of the seminar, participants are expected to present their papers briefly (max. 5 minutes) before comments and discussion.


Please apply by sending your proposal to Anna Kuutsa ( by September 27. The deadline for the final seminar papers is November 1, and they are to be sent to the same address. Any possible questions can be directed to Anna Kuutsa as well.