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Projects in development

The NarCS group thinking

Incompatible paradigms

"Narrative and Complex Systems: Incompatible Paradigms, Cross-Disciplinary Encounter and Public Engagement with Science" is an exploratory project addressing the methodological and science communication challenges posed by the NarCS network collaboration.

Science in culture: narrating complexity

The ICNS response to the AHRC large grants call for the "Science in Culture" theme was “Narrating Complexity,” an ambitious exploration of the interrelated domains of the Narrative and Complex Systems research theme.

Interdisciplinary methodology

"Narrative and Complex Systems: Developing and Interdisciplinary Methodology" is a Leverhulme International Network proposal to test the benefits of the non-consilient interdisciplinary methodology of the NarCS workshops.

It is complemented by a research project grant proposal addressing the four themes of the Narrating Complexity project: “Communication, Culture, Conceptualization and Cognition.”

Gregorian Chat

The Gregorian Chat project is an EPSRC proposal bringing together social robotics and narrative theory

Narrating Complexity volume

The NarCS group is collaborating on a volume of essays designed to lay out the interdisciplinary range of implications of our narratology-complexity science dialogue.

Narratives and worlds

The Narratives and Worlds project develops the Fictionality Group’s interest in the ideological rather than ontological specificity of fiction, as a rhetoric that varies across historical and cultural contexts.

Fictionality before and beyond fiction

This network project combines the Aarhus Fictionality group’s emphasis upon fictionality outside of generic fictions with the York Fictionality group's interest in the historicity of fictionality.

Multi-player interactive drama

A project based upon the GADIN story engine, developing an interactive story generation system for multiple users in a shared environment.


A European network developing ICT-led responses to the challenges of narrating complexity.

Narratives of video game play

A network project about the use of serious games as an interactive medium in which users can work through complex decision-making processes.

The future narrative museum

"Curating and Creating the Once and Future Narrative Museum" is a project to develop an app-based interactive narrative approach to facilitating museum visitors’ experience and engagement with the archive.

Narratology and ideology

A recurrent issue of the Narrative in the Humanities theme is the relation of formalism and thematics, which is now the focus of a projected collection of new essays entitled Narratology and Ideology: Encounters between Narrative Theory and Postcolonial Criticism.