Narratology and Ideology

The rhetorical relation between narrative form and ideological thematics is a recurrent issue in the Narrative in the Humanities theme, and has been taken up directly in a volume of essays entitled Narratology and Ideology: Encounters between Narrative Theory and Postcolonial Criticism. The volume, which aims to stimulate dialogue between narrative theorists and postcolonialist critics in the specific area of Indian subcontinental studies, is to be published by Ohio State University Press in partnership with Orient Blackswan. York ICNS contributors are Richard Walsh and Claire Westall; the volume is edited by Divya Dwivedi, Henrik Skov Nielsen and Richard Walsh.

For details of the contributors and their essay titles, see the Narratology and Ideology table of contents. For the full book proposal, including essay abstracts, see Narratology & Ideology (PDF , 207kb).