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BIANS Research Seminar

Posted on 13 September 2022

A hybrid research seminar series established by the British and Irish Association for Narrative Studies.

The British and Irish Association for Narrative Studies has inaugurated a hybrid research seminar series, entitled "Current Research in Narrative Studies," to be hosted by the ICNS at York.

The seminars will feature speakers from the BIANS membership around the country, and will be accessible via Zoom to members and their interested students or co-researchers. The Zoom meetings will be co-ordinated from York, where there will also be facilities for an in-person audience - and, indeed, in-person speakers on occasion. The hybrid format will be mediated by a bit of IT wizardry called the OWL, which provides for both 360° video and speaker-focussed video and audio.

Contributors to the seminar series will give presentations on their current research in narrative studies, providing for a spine of ongoing dialogue within BIANS on current developments in the field.