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Studying for Undergraduate Credit - Certificates

The Centre for Lifelong Learning offers you the opportunity to study for credit at a higher education level, leading to the award of a Certificate of Higher Education in Lifelong Learning.

The higher certificates are equivalent in standard and workload to the full first year of an undergraduate degree programme, and are worth 120 credits at stage 1. Modules which carry accreditation carry a credit value of either 10 or 20 credits. These can be ‘picked and mixed’ and saved up over a number of years, and you will be offered help and advice as you progress through the programme. 60 credit milestone awards in Social Sciences and Arts and Humanities can also be awarded.

Please consult the appropriate diagram below or contact the Centre to discuss how you can build towards one of the certificate awards. 


Certificate diagrams

Within the Arts and Humanities certificate, it is possible to choose specific modules in order to achieve a 120-credit Certificate of Higher Education in Lifelong Learning (Archaeology).

Further information can be found on the General Certificate Information page