General Programme Information

The Centre offers a range of postgraduate diplomas, all taught online, in Astronomy, Creative Writing, the Geology of Yorkshire and Northern England, and Railway Studies. Entry requirements for these can be found on the individual programme pages. The University also offer students access to the Module Catalogue.

Our undergraduate certificates are taught at stage 1, and all are open entry. There are, therefore, no formal entry requirements for any of these modules - all you need is interest and enthusiasm. Whilst all courses are open access, please be aware that you will be expected to study at the standard of undergraduate level learning. Our tutors are experienced and supportive, and all our modules are conducted in a friendly and informal atmosphere, designed to meet your specific demands. The higher certificates are equivalent in standard and workload to the full first year of an undergraduate degree programme, and are worth 120 credits at stage 1. 

If you wish to study for credit you can enjoy the library and computing facilities here at the University to help you with your studies.

Programme Specifications

‌‌‌Postgraduate Diplomas

1617PG Astronomy (PDF  , 241kb)

1617PG Creative Writing (PDF  , 272kb)

1617PG Geology of Yorkshire and Northern England (PDF  , 394kb)

1617PG Parish Church Studies (PDF  , 507kb)

1617PG Railway Studies (PDF  , 240kb)


Certificates of Higher Education

1617UG ArtsandHumanites (PDF  , 408kb)

1617UG Archaeology (PDF  , 193kb)

1617UG Social Sciences (PDF  , 257kb)


University Certificates of Lifelong Learning

1617UG Creative Writing by Distance (PDF  , 184kb) 1617UG Heritage Studies (PDF  , 199kb) 1617UG Local Government (PDF  , 194kb) 1617UG Social Enterprise (PDF  , 188kb) 1617UG York Studies (PDF  , 192kb)





Postgraduate Diplomas

15/16 PG Astronomy (PDF  , 235kb)15/16 PG Creative Writing (PDF  , 265kb)‌, 15/16 PG Geology of Yorkshire and Northern England (PDF  , 394kb)‌, 15/16 PG Railways (PDF  , 240kb)


Certificates of Higher Education 

15/16 Archaeology (PDF  , 193kb)15/16 Archaeology (PDF  , 193kb), 15/16 Social Sciences (PDF  , 255kb)


University Certificates of Lifelong Learning

15/16 Creative Writing Online (PDF  , 184kb)15/16 Heritage Studies (PDF  , 199kb)‌, 15/16 Local Government (PDF  , 195kb)‌, 15/16 Science Principles (PDF  , 192kb)‌, 15/16 Urban Horticulture (PDF  , 194kb)‌, 15/16 York Studies (PDF  , 192kb)



Postgraduate Diplomas

1415 PG Diploma in Creative Writing (PDF  , 265kb)1415 PG Diploma Railway Studies (PDF  , 241kb)


Certificates of Higher Education 

1415 Archaeology (PDF  , 194kb)‌, 1415 Arts and Humanities (PDF  , 305kb)1415 Social Science (PDF  , 255kb)


University Certificates of Lifelong Learning

1415 Local Government (PDF  , 195kb)1415 Online Creative Writing (PDF  , 184kb)1415 Science Principles (PDF  , 193kb)




Certificates of Higher Education

Archaeology (PDF  , 193kb)Arts and Humanities (PDF  , 296kb)Social Sciences (PDF  , 255kb)


University Certificates of Lifelong Learning

Creative Writing (online) (PDF  , 104kb)Heritage Studies (PDF  , 117kb)Local Government (PDF  , 196kb)Social Enterprise (PDF  , 113kb)Urban Horticulture (PDF  , 117kb)




Certificates of Higher Education

‎‌Archaeology (PDF  , 291kb)Arts and Humanities (PDF  , 458kb)Social Sciences (PDF  , 379kb)


University Certificates of Lifelong Learning

Creative Writing via Distance (PDF  , 275kb)Heritage Studies (PDF  , 289kb)Urban Horticulture (PDF  , 307kb)York Studies (PDF  , 295kb)


How to enrol

Enrol and pay online 

  • Online
    You can register and pay for all courses via the University's Online Store or by using the basket links on individual course pages
  • By post
    Please complete the application form at the back of the annual brochure and post it with your cheque made payable to The University of York. If you don't have a copy of our brochure you can request one by e-mailing or download an Application form 2016/17 (PDF  , 296kb)
  • In person
    Alternatively you may wish to enrol in person at the Centre (more on how to find us): we are open Monday to Friday, from 9am to 4pm

You can also enrol at the Open Day Event which will be held at the King’s Manor on Tuesday 6th September from 1.30-5pm. Please note not all tutors will be available for the entire day - if it is important that you speak to a specific tutor, please contact the Centre in advance to check whether they will be present.

If you are considering enrolling on to one of our adult education evening and day classes, please do not leave it until the last moment to apply.

Sadly, we are sometimes forced to cancel a course due to lack of numbers, only to be faced with a sudden flurry of interest after the cancellation has been made. You can imagine how disappointing and frustrating this situation is for everybody involved. Your early enrolment is therefore greatly appreciated.

Please be aware of the following dates – these will be when decisions on course viability will be made:

Autumn term:  Accredited – Monday 19 September 2016/Non-accredited – Monday 26 September 2016
Spring term:    Accredited – Monday 02 January 2017/Non-accredited – Monday 16 January 2017
Summer term: Monday - 10 April 2017


Students with special requirements

As an inclusive learning community, we are keen to ensure that students with disabilities are not disadvantaged in studying and we are committed to providing access and care whenever possible. We do need to be aware of this important information however, and would ask you to indicate any special requirements on your booking form.

It is you the student who brings our courses to life and we hope you enjoy broadening your horizons with the Centre in the upcoming academic year.


The fee for each course depends on whether it is non-accredited or accredited, and also whether it is shorter or longer than the traditional 10-week non-accredited option or 11-week accredited option.

Details of fees can be found with individual course descriptions.

If you are unable to pay a course fee in its entirety, but would be able to pay in instalments, you should contact the Centre to discuss how this can best be arranged. The Centre looks to support its students in all aspects of study, and aims to be flexible with regard to when payment is received.


The Centre also offers a reduction in course fees for people receiving benefits: any such reduction is at the discretion of the Director of Community Relations and Lifelong Learning and appropriate evidence must be supplied with the application. Please call the Centre for more information about eligible benefits and reduced fees.

Joining instructions

The Centre will issue details of the room(s) when we have final confirmation of the location and know that the class itself is viable. Please note that although we try to give students as long a lead time as possible, students may not receive their acknowledgement slip until a week before the course is due to begin.

Refunds and cancellations

If the Centre for Lifelong Learning has to cancel a course due to insufficient numbers, or for any other reason, then a full refund will be made.  We will endeavour to give a minimum of a week’s notice for any cancellation. In the event of a course being cancelled after its start, then a proportional refund will be given. Refunds may take about six weeks to process via the University of York’s central finance office.

Following any enrolment in advance of a course, you, as the student, have a ten day ‘cooling off’ period: during this time, you can withdraw your application and receive a full refund. After this period, any refund is at the discretion of the Centre: an administrative fee may be applied and you will normally be reimbursed with vouchers that can be used for future Lifelong Learning courses.

Refunds cannot be given for missed weeks.

On Campus


Maps and directions 

Unless otherwise stated, classes will be held at the University campus in Heslington. Please note that during the day there is a 10 minute change over time between classes, so please be patient when waiting for the previous occupants to vacate the room and be ready to leave promptly.

  • Use our interactive Campus map to find your venue


Maps and directions 

Please be aware that parking on campus during the day can be problematic, so please allow yourself extra time to find a parking space. Car parking charges are in force during the day, until 6pm.

Alternatively, there are regular bus services to the campus. Please note for those classes located at the King’s Manor, there is no parking available and we would advise you to use local pay and display car parks.

  • Our Maps and directions pages will give you further information on travelling to the university

Library access


Please note that if you are studying on the accredited programme you have full borrowing rights at the university library. Those engaged on the non-accredited programme can also request borrowing rights at the library once their course is confirmed as being viable – details on how to request this will be issued along with course joining instructions.


Distance Learning

Distance Learning

The Centre offers a number of online distance learning courses hosted by the University’s Virtual Learning Environment, all of which appear in the relevant subject area of the brochure.

All learning on these courses will take place via distance, making this an ideal way for those with busy schedules to engage in our provision. There is no requirement to be online at any specific point in time, making this a truly flexible learning experience.

Students must have access to a PC or Mac with a broadband-standard of internet connection, and should be familiar with web-browsing and word processing - if you have any queries about the technical requirements of these courses, please do call the Centre for advice.


Modules which carry accreditation are indicated with a credit value of either 10 or 20 credits. These can be ‘picked and mixed’ and saved up over a number of years, and you will be offered help and advice as you progress through the programme so that you can work towards an award at a pace that suits you.

To receive credits you have to produce successful assessment tasks. These vary from module to module, but normally for a 10-credit module these consist of a single 2,000 word essay that you produce in your own time and which is submitted at the conclusion of the module. At this level, there are no closed examinations for students, but if this aspect of accredited study does raise questions for you, please do not hesitate to contact the Centre. In our experience, some students do have reservations about producing written assessments before their first module, but having studied with the Centre, most are glad of the opportunity to show how much they have gained through the learning experience. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

For those students who would like to continue further with their studies beyond the Centre for Lifelong Learning there are progression opportunities available. In particular the Centre has worked with the Department of Archaeology to offer entry at stage 2 directly into the department. If you would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to speak to your tutor/us.


What language skills will I need?

For international students, we recommend a minimum IELTS score of 6.0 to engage in accredited level study (please note that this is not mandatory, but should be considered for those students for whom English is not their first language).