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Whether it is history, literature, history of art or philosophy, the humanities ask questions about what it means to be alive and how we should interpret the world we find ourselves in. These skills of interpretation and weighing up of evidence can be applied to everyday life, particularly in an age when we are bombarded with information – the humanities are all about debate and perspective. 

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Arts and Humanities: Accredited Courses 2018/19

Our 2018/19 courses are listed below, and can all be booked online (click on the basket icon in the course page). 


Progression opportunities for Archaeology students:

The Centre has worked with the Department of Archaeology to offer entry into the department as an undergraduate student. The following gives an indication of what the department would be looking for:

  • For first year entry: 60 credits from Lifelong Learning with good marks. Students would need to apply via UCAS, by January each year.
  • For direct second year entry: 120 credits from Lifelong Learning with good marks (all of the credits must be from archaeology modules) and two-three weeks digging (offered to students during April each year). Students wanting direct entry in to the second year at the department should contact Dr Penny Bickle (Undergraduate Admissions Tutor) in the first instance.
  • Please note, it is not possible to progress straight to masters from Lifelong Learning Modules.

For further information about progression to the Department of Archaeology, please contact Dr Penny Bickle, Undergraduate Admissions Tutor (

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