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Sexual Safety

The University of York has webpages dedicated to supporting those who have experience sexual violence.

There is help available if you have, or someone you know has, experienced sexual harassment, assault or violence.

University of York Resources

University of York: Advice – Sexual Violence

Universities Supporting Survivors of Sexual Violence (USSSV) (2016-2018)

The University of York was part of a consortium of eight universities which secured €1M from the European Commission’s Daphne programme to develop and evaluate ‘first response’ training programmes for university staff working with survivors of sexual violence. This project, led by Professor Vanita Sundaram in the Department of Education, developed training for ‘first responders’ in universities, on how to recognise victims of sexual violence and support students after disclosure, ensuring that they are treated with respect, dignity, sensitivity to their specific needs, and have access to criminal justice avenues if they wish. It also designed an audit foe ‘university care pathways to ensure that students are protected from repeat victimisation and secondary victimisation, especially in cases where the perpetrator is a fellow student’.  Her report can be found here.