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Campus Firewall

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The Campus Firewall provides protection to devices and services at the University from certain forms of attack from the outside world, by blocking or restricting access to them.

This helps guard services from disruption, or being used as gateways enabling an attacker to target other computers.



Members of the University running services on campus machines which need to be accessed from elsewhere can discuss their needs with IT Services.

The Campus Firewall blocks access from computers elsewhere in the world to services running on machines at the University.

Access can be granted so that specific servers and services at the University may be accessed from off campus, either from selected computers only, or from anywhere in the world.

How to request

If you are running a service or system that needs to be accessed from off campus, you should contact your Departmental Computing Officer (DCO). They will contact the IT Support on your behalf to make the request.

IT Services staff will then get in touch to discuss your requirements.

We will establish whether access to your service needs to be granted through the Campus Firewall, or whether it can be accessed by other means, such as via the VPN service.

Requests to either make a service accessible, or to remove its availability, to the outside world will take five working days to process.

Help & troubleshooting

Library & IT Help Desk

If you have any questions about the Campus Firewall, please get in touch with the IT Support.

Our commitments

Service status Live and supported service.
Hours of service 24/7
Service support For help and support with this service, contact the IT Support.
Hours of support Help from the Library & IT Help Desk is available 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.
Target availability

General IT Services targets:

  • Information Services Service Standards
Our performance

Our service standards have been produced in consultation with our customers, and monitor the quality, timeliness and access to facilities and services:

  • Information Services Service Standards

Complaints procedure

If you wish to give us general feedback on this service, please see our Feedback page for ways to get in touch.

If you wish to make a complaint, please see our complaints procedure.

Your responsibilities

We expect you:

  • to discuss your service with us and identify whether access to it from the outside world needs to be granted through the Campus Firewall, or whether it can be accessed by other means, eg by members of the University connecting to the VPN service
  • to allow our Security Team to check the security of your service and/or the computer it runs on. This includes allowing us to carry out a security scan before the server is made visible, and at periodic intervals afterwards
  • to meet any requirements needing to be met before access through the Campus Firewall can be granted, eg including links to the University's legal statements on a server's web site
  • to keep us informed about changes to your contact details
  • to keep the server and software running your service up to date, with all relevant security patches applied
  • to inform us promptly when the service is no longer required to have access from the outside world through the Campus Firewall

If you are requesting external visibility for a web server, we expect you:

  • to contact us to discuss the service and explain why the site cannot run on an existing University or departmental web server
  • to have created the web site (we won't open up sites that are under construction)
  • to include a link to the University disclaimers on the front page of any domain or IP that the web server responds to
  • to allow us to carry out a security scan before the web server is made visible, and at periodic intervals afterwards