Accessibility statement

Information for external contractors and installers

This page provides links to information for contractors who:

  • may require access to the University of York IT network
  • are installing network infrastructure for IT Services or Estates Services
  • are deploying equipment which connects to the University network

Infrastructure specification

The University of York IT Services maintains a document called IT Services Network Infrastructure Specification. Updated periodically, this is intended for Project Managers and contractors and sets out the requirements and specifications for design, installation and testing of wiring centres, infrastructure cabling, and data and telephony outlets.

Moves, adds and changes

All network devices to be connected to the University network must be registered in the IT Services LAN database, and allocated an IP address before they are connected. The External Moves and Changes page describes what is required of external users (typically contractors) for connection to the "Facilities" network, and how to make a request.

A corresponding page is provided for members of the University, such as Departmental Computing Officers or Departmental managers, to make requests:

Campus network description

The University of York campus network is a fully-routed high-speed local area network consisting of several layers, with in-built security.

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