Information for student leavers

This information applies to all students, including undergraduates, taught postgraduates and research postgraduates.

If you are leaving the University on completion of your course:

  • Access to most IT Services facilities (including email and York Print Plus) will be automatically withdrawn approximately 90 days after you finish your studies (the last day of the Summer term for most undergraduates). You will receive an email to warn you 30 days before these facilities are withdrawn and a reminder each time you log into an IT Services classroom PC.
  • Your access to many Library e-resources and the Yorkshare VLE will be withdrawn approximately 60 days after you finish your studies.
  • The data in your University Google account and your files in your personal filestore (M: and H: drives) will be saved for one year after expiry, to allow it to be reactivated should you return to the University during this time.
  • You will continue to have access to e:Vision for two years after your graduation.

IT Services are not able to extend access to your account. If this is required you should discuss this with your department's People Database Administrator.

This page gives pointers on what to do if you are:

For information on registering for the 'email for life' facility, please see the Alumni pages. For information on alumni access to the Careers Service, see Alumni: Need careers help?.

Leaving the University

Before you leave the University, we advise you to to check the following services and transfer data from your account:

NOTE: When transferring data out of your University account you must ensure that any confidential or restricted University data is NOT included.

For details on what the University classifies as confidential or restricted data see: Information classification & handling

Personal filestore (M: and H: drives)

If your personal filestore contains files that you will still need after you leave the University, you should take a copy of these before you go. If there are files that other people will need to access after you leave (eg shared research, society information), make sure that you share copies with them.

Please also see the information on research data below.


Once your IT account expires all email will be rejected, with a notification sent to the sender. Any email forwarding that you’ve set up will cease to operate. We recommend that you make your contacts aware of your new email address before your account expires. You should unsubscribe from any mailing lists, or update your subscription with your new email address.

York Alumni Association offers all graduates and retired staff a University email address for life, hosted by Google:

Exporting emails from your University account

There are different methods you can use to export your University email from your account, depending on whether you wish to keep the labels you have applied to your email, and whether you are exporting your email to another Google account or to a different service.

For simplicity, we recommended exporting your email to another Google account.

 Exporting to a Google accountExporting to a different service
No, I don’t need to keep labels Mail Fetcher Mail Fetcher (if your chosen email provider supports importing emails using POP3)
Yes, I want to keep labels Got Your Back Google Takeout (if your chosen email provider supports importing MBOX files with Gmail labels)

Exporting contacts from your University account

If you want to transfer your contacts you will need to export your contacts from your University account to a CSV file and then import this file into your personal account.

If you want to transfer your contacts to another email provider you will need to follow their instructions on how to do this. Most major email providers offer methods of importing your contacts.

Google Drive

You can download a copy of all or some of your data from Google Drive using Google Takeout:

Any Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Drawings and Forms will be converted to another format of your choice. Please note that you will lose the revision history and (depending on which format you select) you may also lose comments.

Shared files in Google Drive

If you own any files or folders within Google Drive which are shared to other people (eg shared research, society information), you'll need to transfer ownership before your account expires, otherwise they will be automatically deleted one year after you leave. You can check which files you own by searching "owner:me" in Google Drive.

Be aware that changing the owner of a folder doesn’t change the owner of the files within that folder, so you will need to change the owner of these separately. However you can highlight multiple files in a folder and change the owner of them all at once.

If you need to change ownership for a large number of items, including lots of folders, subfolders and files please contact IT Support with the details as we can arrange a bulk transfer for you.

Please also see the information on research data below.

Research data

If your personal filestore and/or Google Drive contains research data that you have created/collected, please ensure that you appraise your research data, and take appropriate action:

  • Dispose of data securely, if the data has fulfilled its purpose
  • Identify data of long-term value or data that underpins published results and transfer it to the University's Research Data York service. You only need to do this if you have not yet deposited this data with an external data repository or handed it over to the University for long-term storage/access.

Please see the advice from the Library Research Support team on data management:

York Print Plus

You will need to give some thought to your printing account, and using up any remaining credit. Please note that any unused credit will not be refunded when you leave, or at any other time. If remaining credit creates a surplus, this will be used to improve the York Print Plus service.

Society and other accounts

If you are the owner of any other IT accounts then these will also expire at the same time as your main account. If any of these accounts will still be required by the University after you leave, please email IT Support so that ownership can be transferred to another member of the University.

You can view a list of any other IT accounts that you own on the My IT Account webpage, under Account Information.

For society accounts you should contact the YUSU Helpdesk to transfer the account to someone else.

Returning as staff

If you are coming back as a member of staff, or working for your department over the summer, you will need to contact your Department's People Database Administrator.

Any supplementary accounts you own will be extended when your main account is extended, although you may wish to transfer ownership of them to another user as appropriate.

Returning graduates

For most students returning in the autumn term, the 90 day period after your course ends will ensure that your account remains available until you return. If you do need to extend your account, please contact your Department's People Database Administrator.

Any supplementary accounts you own will be extended when your main account is extended, although you may wish to transfer ownership of them to another user as appropriate. 

In due course, as a returning graduate, you will be notified of your account details and the registration procedure by Registry Services.