Accessibility statement

IT Services support policy

IT Services aim to support the work of staff and students by providing tools and systems to allow secure access to University services.

We aim to provide support for our services on multiple operating systems: Windows (Vista and above), Mac OS (Current and previous release), Linux, Android, and iOS.

We provide support for the use of our services on the following:

  • IT Services managed desktop (including PCs, laptops and virtual machines)
  • University owned devices which don't use the IT Services managed desktop
  • Personally owned devices

IT Services provide the following support for the devices listed above:

In addition to this, devices running the IT Services managed desktop will receive full support in the use of any operating system or centrally deployed software.

Our priority is to support all devices running the IT Services managed desktop.

Please note that the following terms apply to all support requests:

  • Remote support (ie for customers not present at the Library & IT Help Desk) will be provided by the Bomgar remote control tool with the permission of the customer.
  • Support is not provided for repairs to personally owned devices. We can refer you to our external repair service.
  • We cannot provide support for peripheral equipment (eg monitors, local printers, external hard drives).
    • Support requests relating to University owned peripheral equipment should be dealt with according to your department's procedures, eg directed to your Departmental Computing Officer (DCO) or to the supplier/manufacturer eg Stone.
  • We cannot provide support for department specific software (either local installation or use of the software). Queries concerning department specific software should be directed to your Departmental Computing Officer(DCO) or the software provider.
    • By agreement with a department, we may centrally deploy department specific software, but we do not provide support in its use.
  • IT support staff will respond to support requests by phone, email, or in person (eg at the Library & IT Help Desk). Visits to your place of work or to student accommodation will be arranged only as necessary and at the discretion of support staff. Support does not include home visits (with the exception of University owned student accommodation).
  • Support for personally owned devices will not normally exceed 45 minutes per incident. After this time, we may advise you to use an external third-party service.
  • Support is not provided for off-campus Internet connections (with the exception of University owned off-campus student accommodation). Requests for support should be raised with the relevant local Internet service provider.
  • We will endeavour to resolve your issue, in line with our stated policy, but cannot guarantee that all issues will be resolved.
  • You may be asked to agree to the relevant disclaimer before we provide support for your device.

Policy history

May 2013 Policy created and approved
April 2014 Amended and approved
May 2016 Amended and approved

Review cycle: Two yearly

Date of next review: May 2018