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Centre Staff    
Professor Victoria Robinson
Feminist theory, gender and sexualities (especially heterosexualities), men and masculinities, fashion and footwear cultures; risk sports; debates in women’s, gender and masculinity studies in the academy; feminist sociology of everyday life
Professor Stevi Jackson
Feminist theory; theories of gender and sexuality; women's and family relationships; sociology of childhood
Dr Clare Bielby
Senior Lecturer/Chair Board of Studies
Violence, representation and gender; violence, subjectivity and affect/emotion; terrorism and gender; the field of perpetrator studies.
History of feminisms, particularly German feminisms; queer studies and feminist queer theory; subjectivity and narratives of the self; gender, sexuality and representation
Dr Ann Kaloski-Naylor
Lecturer/Admissions Tutor
Vice-Chancellor’s Teaching Award, 2012
Contemporary fiction and culture; with special interests in death, digital texts & popular culture; feminist cultural politics & production; lesbian, bisexual & queer studies; feminist pedagogy & elearning
Dr Evangeline Tsao
Associate Lecturer
Visual methodologies; theories of gender and sexuality; popular culture and representation
Harriet Badger
Centre Administrator
All enquiries
CWS Associate Staff    
Dr Siân Beynon-Jones
Science and technology studies; reproductive technologies; gender; time; feminist theory
Dr Trev Broughton
Gender in nineteenth-century prose; women's life-writing (biography, autobiography, diaries etc); Victorian masculinities; auto/photography (with Ann Kaloski), The Victorian Governess; Fathers and fatherhood in the Victorian period; letters and gender.
Dr Claire Chambers
British and South Asian literature; religion; Muslims; migration
Dr Joanna de Groot
Research interests centre around the intersections of gender, culture and colonialism with other forms of difference and inequality and include, specifically, 19th and 2Oth century women's history; the history of socialist and feminist ideas and movements and Iranian and Middle Eastern Indian history in the 19th and 20th centuries
Dr Anna Einarsdóttir
Gender and sexual minority workers; sexualised and organisational spaces
Dr Sue Grace Vice-Chancellor’s Teaching Award, 2008
Teaching and learning in Higher Education; reflective accounts of life as academics in relation to the student experience; 19th century criminal history; 19th century social and women's history; 19th century novel and 19th century literature on crime; 20th century feminist criminology.
Dr Laurie Hanquinet
Cultural sociology; sociology of immigration; social science methodology
Dr Mark Jenner
History and Centre for Eighteenth Century Studies
The social and cultural history of Britain c.1550-c.1780; social history of medicine; history of the body; gender, medicine, religious and political culture in 17th and 18th century England. Currently on the Editorial Board of Urban History
Professor Paul Johnson
Relationship between law, human rights, sexual orientation and intimacy
Dr Nisha Kapoor
Race and ethnicity; neoliberalism
Professor Celia Kitzinger
Sexuality, gender and talk-in-interaction; childbirth; same-sex marriage; LGBTQI; human rights issues; helplines; any research using conversation analysis with naturalistic data
Dr Steph Lawler
Social equalities and social identities; particularly class, gender and generation
Dr Xiaodong Lin
Gender and migration; men and masculinities; identity; intersectionality of gender and class
Professor Karen Mumford
Labour economics, and the interface between public policy and labour economics; wage bargaining; industrial disputation; employment dynamics; the relative employment opportunities of men and women; job turnover, tenure and security; training; wage equality; the effectiveness of family friendly work practices
Professor Sarah Nettleton
Sociology of health and illness; sociology of the body
Professor Maggie O'Neill
Sex work, sexual exploitation, forced migration and the asylum-migration nexus; innovative participatory, biographical, performative and visual methodologies
Dr Ruth Penfold-Mounce
Sociology/Chair CWS Board of Examiners
Sociology of celebrity, crime and deviance; seducation; fascination and spectacle
Dr Amanda Rees
Sociology of science; social theory; feminism and science; post-colonialism; science and popular culture
Dr Katy Sian
Critical race theory; semantics of tolerance and anti-rascism
Dr Vanita Sundaram
Educational Studies
Gender and sexuality; gender-based violence; equity issues in education; inclusive/feminist methodology
Dr Christine Skinner
Social Policy and Social Work
UK family policy; childcare; early education
Dr Merran Toerien
Conversation analysis; institutional discourse; health professional-patient interaction; feminsim
Honorary Professors    
Professor Sue Scott Gender, sexuality and risk; young people's sexual behaviour; sex education; practice theory for the sociology of sexuality


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