Dr Ann Kaloski-Naylor


Dr Ann Kaloski-Naylor

Lecturer/CWS Admissions Tutor

Contact details

Email: ann.kaloski-naylor@york.ac.uk


Ann Kaloski Naylor’s BA in English and Social Studies (1990, University of Leeds) proved excellent grounding for her interdisciplinary DPhil on literary and cultural articulations of bisexuality (1998, University of York). Her teaching and research continue to focus on contemporary fiction and culture, with pedagogical and research methods forming an integral part of her practice. Since the mid-1990s the rise of digital technologies has also been pivotal to her work and she participated in two EU-funded action research online teaching projects with women’s studies European colleagues. Other funded pedagogical projects include ‘Auto/Photography’ and ‘Teaching “whiteness”’ (both with Dr Trev Broughton) and an out-reach programme, ‘Women’s Lives Today’. Her innovative teaching was recognised when she was the recipient of the first University of York Teaching Fellowship, an award which helped fund ‘Wired Women’s Studies’ (2004), a project to enhance students’ expertise in researching online writing in a variety of contexts (fiction, blogs, social networks, discussion lists, virtual worlds). Dr Kaloski Naylor has overseen a great many MA dissertations and supervised PhD work on feminist cultural politics and writing, digital communities and fiction, and contemporary representations of concepts such as sensuality, celebrity, and fandom. She is currently working on the meanings of cultural activism for women.

Current research interests

Dr Kaloski Naylor’s main research interests are: feminist cultural politics and production (including fiction, social networks, zines and crafts); digital texts; popular culture; contemporary death; and she welcomes MA and PhD research proposals in any of these fields. She remains committed to developing, theorising and practising interdisciplinary methodologies within women’s studies.

Selected recent publications

‘Michael Jackson’s Postself’ in Celebrity Studies 1:2, 2010.

Fat Studies in the UK (with Corinna Tomrley) 2009

'Rewriting "the Paedophile": A feminist reading of The Woodsman' in Feminist Review 83 (2006) (with Carol-Ann Hooper)

‘Communication Technologies' in The Women's Movement Today Leslie L. Heywood (ed) (2005)

 The Feminist Seventies (joint ed) 2003

 White?Women: Critical perspectives on Race and Gender (joint ed) 1999

'Gone are the days'; changing perspectives in contemporary lesbian/feminist literary theory in Feminist Review 60 (1999)

The Bisexual Imaginary: Representation, Identity and Desire , (joint ed) 1997

'Bisexuals Making Out with Cyborgs' in Journal of Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Identity, 2.1 (1997)

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