Ting-Fang Chin


Ting-Fang Chin


Women’s Experience of Gender at Work in Taiwan

I am currently conducting my PhD research at the Centre for Women’s Studies at the University of York and under the supervision of Professor Stevi Jackson. Before my PhD study, I have completed the MA programme of Interdisciplinary Gender Studies at the University of Warwick and the MA programme provided by the Institute of law and Inter-discipline at the National Chengchi University. I also spent three years working for NGOs in Taiwan. My previous academic training and work experience allow me to reflect on gender inequality and women’s marginalized situations in daily social life. I have realized that just like street demonstrations, political lobbying or any other actions, research is also a way to challenge the status quo.

I am interested in studying women’s experience of gender at work with a focus on the context of everyday social life. I did my fieldwork in Taiwan and adopted semi-structured interview as the method to generate my research data. The aim of my research is to answer the following questions: What is women’s experience of gender inequality at work in Taiwan? What are the available options for women to deal with the inequality? What is the relation of gender inequality and organizational culture?

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