Siyang Cao


Siyang Cao

Crisis of masculinity? Changing masculinities of young men in current China

I am currently a first year PhD student at Centre for Women’s Studies under the supervision of Professor Stevi Jackson and Dr. Xiaodong Lin (from Sociology). I earned my MA degree from University of Sussex in Media & Cultural Studies and before that I finished my BA from Shanghai International Studies University in Broadcasting and Journalism.

The past one year MA in the UK was fantastic experience for me. I sincerely felt that getting to know gender studies opened up a whole new world for me. What I learnt actually enabled me to think free and live free, and importantly, I found out that I was supported to question those taken-for-granted social assumptions in everyday lives. This indeed means a lot for me.

In recent years China has grown increasingly anxious regarding the masculinity of it's young men. The ‘decline’ of masculinity has been increasingly visible in public life, sometimes summarized as ‘crisis of masculinity’, and this is basically what I am researching in my PhD thesis. I intend to explore both subjective narratives and discursive constructions of diverse male identities in urban China. However, whether there is such ‘crisis’ of masculinity is still under question. It may also be read as emerging masculine identities with new values and male ideals as a result of China’s increasing exposure to the flourishing culture of consumerism, a politics of (global) neoliberalism, and also popular cultures across East Asia. I am really passionate with my project and hope I can find something interesting and contribute to the ongoing debate on gender related issues in China.

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