Shuang Qiu

Reshaping intimacy: Chinese couples in LAT relationships

I am currently a PhD student at Centre for Women’s Studies under the supervision of Professor Stevi Jackson and Professor Victoria Robinson.

My research focuses on the ‘Living Apart Together’ (LAT) relationships in China. Since intimacy was often associated with physical proximity, couples who live apart together were inevitably regarded as lacking intimacy, commitment, and love. However, with the need of more specialised labour markets and under the high rate of divorce, the number of LAT relationships -which involve non-residential couples is steadily increasing. This type of living arrangement challenges conventional gender practices based on the notion that intimacy necessarily involves physical proximity (Holmes, 2004; Jamieson, 2011). Since this phenomenon has not yet been systematically researched in China, this research aims to fill in the gap between our ideas of intimate relationship and the ‘practice of intimacy’ in contemporary China.

Besides, I also have a great interest in media studies because of my past academic experiences (I finished my BA from China in 2014 and earned my MA degree from Newcastle University (UK) in Media & Public Relations in August 2015). My MA dissertation investigated Chinese girls’ perception and expectation towards teen magazines.

If you are interested in my research topics or media studies, please do email me and I would love to exchange my ideas and thoughts with you.

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