Rosemary Hill


Women Heavy Metal Fans: Representations of Fandom and Community.

Born in Yorkshire, I left to study English and Philosophy in Cambridge, achieving my BA from Anglia Ruskin University in 2000. After an exciting career as a rock singer and graphic designer I returned to York to study for my MA in Women's Studies in 2005. I am now a part-time PhD candidate under the supervision of Ann Kaloski-Naylor.

My thesis poses the question: how do women heavy metal fans experience their fandom? Heavy metal music and its fan community have been renowned in academic and popular discourse as ultra-masculine and male dominated. From the mid-2000s increasing numbers of women have begun reading UK metal magazine Kerrang! making this a fascinating time to investigate their experiences. I offer close readings of letters pages in Kerrang! to assess how women fans are represented by the magazine and follow up my observations by interviewing women metal fans, extending my textual research by analysing fans' portrayals of how their fandom interacts with their everyday life. My main theoretical framework is drawn from Roland Barthes' Mythologies.

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