Lauren Cowling


Lauren Cowling

Vagina Dialogues - reported experiences of and attitudes to one's vulvovaginal region

PhD Women’s Studies (in progress), University of York - supervised by Dr Ann Kaloski-Naylor and Professor Stevi Jackson
MA Women’s Studies, University of York
BSc Psychology, University of York

My PhD follows on from my MA research into the same area - I interviewed self-identified women about their genitalia to explore the multifaceted taboos surrounding the vagina in today’s society. Much of my research includes (but is not limited to!) topics such as menstruation (menarche and menopause), hair, sex education, pregnancy/childbirth, trans* identities, cleanliness/hygiene, sexuality, aging and female genital mutilation. The overall aims of my research is to gain an insight into the different knowledges, attitudes and experiences of people with their vulvas/vaginas (i.e. their ‘female’ genitalia), and to explore what themes/patterns can be found within taboos of the vulvovaginal region.

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