Kailing Xie


Kailing Xie


The Privileged Chinese Daughters from the Only Child Generation: Identity Negotiation in Contemporary China

My research investigates well-educated Chinese women who have been educated to degree level/ a university graduate, born in the 1980ís and live in urban China. By focusing particularly on this group of women I intend to find out how their experiences of family, education, financial background and current environment shape their gender identity, and their reaction to gender related issues in their day to day life, especially when value conflicts arise in choices between career and marriage, career progress and family, and other gender related issues around them.

I would like to deeply explore the needs of women from my research category who wishes to live a free and equal life in modern China and the current situation they are facing. The ultimate goal of this research is to pursue practical ways to tackle challenges, embrace opportunities and identify the breakthrough points both in public and domestic spheres to enlighten this generation on gender equality.

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