Emily Yates

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Emily Yates


Becoming Whole, in private and public: How Body Integrity Identity Disorder affects identity and gender ideals

PhD Women’s Studies (in progress), University of York - supervised by Professor Victoria Robinson
MA in Disability Studies, University of Leeds
BA in English, Queen Mary, University of London and the University of Melbourne

Currently studying part-time for a PhD at CWS, I am focusing on the arguably underground phenomenon of BIID (Body Integrity Identity Disorder), a condition used to describe those who wish to transition from an abled body to a disabled one. I'm particularly interested in how BIID relates to our own 'gender ideals', their strengths and vulnerabilities, and the image of the 'perfect body'. I will be focusing on how disability and feminist theories intersect, and looking at the space in which those with BIID can identify, publicly and privately, be that as part of the disabled community, or not.

I am an accessibility consultant, travel writer for Lonely Planet and Presenter for BBC Three.  I also work with Enhance the UK (www.enhancetheuk.org), a user-led charity aiming to remove the disability and sex taboo for all.

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