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Evaluation of the Young Adults’ Project (YAP)

The Young Adults’ Project is a collaboration between Martin House and St Leonards Hospice, York’s hospice for adults. The purpose of the project is to offer a regular opportunity for young adult to spend time with other young adults, to plan for and participate in group activities and collective endeavours, and to develop self-organisation skills and abilities. Taking place at St Leonards, the project also provides young adults with the chance to spend time in an adult palliative care facility, and for staff at St Leonards to learn about working with young adults. The project is running for two years.

The Martin House Research Centre is evaluating this project. In the first year (2018), we used interviews and focus group discussions with the young adults and staff involved to explore and track the outcomes of the project, and the learning gained for Martin House and St Leonards. Findings from this first year of the evaluation were used by project staff to inform how the project ran in 2019. For the second year (2019), we are using observation methods to further explore and understand the impacts of the project and the ways those impacts come about. 


Start Date: March 2020


This study is funded by Together for Short Lives


The evaluation of the “Young Adults Project” 

Please click on the link below for the Summary of findings:-

Summary of Findings for YAP (PDF , 405kb)