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CLAHRC: Post-Treatment Support: An exploratory, descriptive study of aftercare provision offered by addiction services in North and West Yorkshire

Post-treatment support for those with alcohol and/or substance use problems, has received remarkably little research attention. This is despite a wealth of research from the USA that has shown that post-treatment monitoring and engagement with service users have been associated with better outcomes. Simultaneously, there has been increasing interest in mutual support approaches: peer support and mentoring projects in which ex-users support service-users in their recovery from substance use. This has led to a mushrooming of such projects around the country. However, very little is known about the extent and type of aftercare services being delivered on the ground by treatment services. This study therefore aims to describe the nature, extent and diversity of post-treatment support provided by addiction services in North and West Yorkshire with a view to identifying promising models and approaches that may form the focus for future evaluation.


Funder(s): National Institute For Health Research
Start Date: 01-Sep-2012
Expiry Date: 31-Dec-2013


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  • Helen Gibson

Mental Health and Addiction Research in the Department of Health Sciences