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CLAHRC FSF : Qualitative element within the CLAHRC ARiAS Trial

The ARIAS pilot trial will compare the effectiveness of an alcohol intervention (iSBNT) with a multiply-focused healthy living intervention in their impact on drinking behaviour among a sample of problem drinkers identified in acute care. A central issue underpinning this study is that of acceptability: how best to engage and work effectively with people who have not actively sought treatment themselves. This qualitative study will explore how people feel about being approached in a hospital setting; how they respond to questions about their drinking; the impact of hospitalisation on their motivation to change; and the acceptability of different types of intervention. It will also explore how the interventions work ‘in the real word’: how elements of the interventions interact with unforeseen life events and the wider contexts of participants’ lives.


Funder(s): National Institute For Health Research
Start Date: 01-Dec-2011
Expiry Date: 30-Nov-2012


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Mental Health and Addiction Research in the Department of Health Sciences