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Alcohol Measures for Public Health Research Alliance (AMPHORA)

AMPHORA aims to create a European Alcohol Policy Research Alliance of internationally renowned alcohol policy researchers which will undertake new empirical research to strengthen the overall European research base of the impact of public health measures and interventions, including taxes, pricing, availability, access, advertisement, drinking environments, and early diagnosis and treatment of disease in multiple settings, geographical regions, gender and age groups to guide integrated policy making to reduce the harm done by alcohol. A common framework for evaluating the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of policy measures will be developed, and the interaction between the cultural and social determinants of alcohol use, infrastructures available for effective policy implementation, and public perceptions of alcohol and alcohol-related harm and effective alcohol policy will be analyzed. A scale for measuring and monitoring integrated alcohol policy will be developed, and all the scientific and technical findings of the project will be translated into easily understood and policy relevant conclusions and recommendations.

AMPHORA involves more than 50 researchers and over 30 research institutions from all EU Member States and project partners from 13 European countries.


Funder(s): European Commission
Start Date: 01-Jan-2009
Expiry Date: 31-Dec-2012


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