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A national study of acute care Alcohol Health Workers

Hospital Alcohol Health Workers work on alcohol issues in a range of ways: providing screening, brief interventions, detoxification, referral to specialist services and support for other care staff. The introduction of Alcohol Health Workers (AHWs) into acute hospitals has been recommended as an important means by which to tackle alcohol-related harm and alcohol-related admissions. However, we currently know very little about the work of AHWs nationally. This study will provide an overview of the extent and diversity of AHW provision in England. It will also focus down on a small number of case-study hospitals for more detailed research. Our findings will be used to inform policy and practice and develop our thinking on how to evaluate the work of AHWs in the future.


Funder(s): NIHR Challenge Fund/Alcohol Research UK
Start Date: 01-Oct-2012
Expiry Date: 31-Mar-2014


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  • Sarah Baker

Mental Health and Addiction Research in the Department of Health Sciences