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Thirimon Moe Byrne
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Thirimon is a Research Fellow in Health Services and Policy Research Group and in the Mental Health and Addiction Research Group. Prior to this, she worked at the York Trials Unit (YTU) and the Centre for Reviews and Dissemination (CRD), University of York. Whilst working in YTU and CRD, Thirimon was involved in co-ordinating the multi-centre randomised controlled trials, feasibility study, undertaking systematic reviews and health technology assessments, in a range of clinical areas funded by NIHR, NICE and the Department of Health Policy Research Programme. 

Currently, she is working on the TRECA (TRials Engagement in Children and Adolescents) SWAT study. TRECA is embedded in six NHS trials funded by the NIHR HS&DR Programme to test the use of multi-media information in the recruitment to trials involving children and adolescents. She is also working on the EMPOWER project which is a European collaborative project aimed at reducing work stress funded by the EU Horizon 2020 programme. 


  • Master of Public Health (Health Services Research), University of Sheffield
  • BMedSci (Hons) Nursing Studies, University of Sheffield





Thirimon has been involved in reviews which have covered a range of clinical areas such as neonatology, cancer, musculoskeletal, generic prescribing, mental health and public health. Her interests include undertaking systematic reviews and trial recruitment and methodology including Study Within A Trial (SWAT).


  • TRECA - The TRECA Study:  Trials Engagement in Children and Adolescents
  • EMPOWER: The European Platform to Promote Wellbeing and Health in the workplace

Previous Projects

  • PROFHER 2 - PROximal Fracture of the Humerus: Evaluation by Randomisation Trial no. 2 (PROFHER-2 Trial)
  • RESPECT - Randomised Evaluation Sexual Health Promotion Evidence for Care and Treatment: A feasibility study of an intervention to promote sexual health for people with serious mental health

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Thirimon Moe Byrne
Research Fellow

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